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Helping You Identify A Workable Child Custody Arrangement

At Sammis Family Law, attorney Melinda Sammis works to find mutually agreeable solutions to child custody disputes. In our experience, litigation should be a last resort when children are involved. Too often, the best interests of the child are not served by litigation. We believe that child custody is an area in which it is critical that the two parties attempt to find an agreeable solution through negotiation or mediation to promote productive co-parenting.

Work With An Experienced Litigator Who Will Stand Up For Your Interests

Litigation is sometimes necessary to establish custody. We have experience in all aspects of custody and visitation, including modification or enforcement of visitation or custody, “move-away” cases, and interstate custody disputes. We also have experience reaching child custody agreements between cohabiting partners, same-sex partners, stepparents and same-sex married couples.

Points To Consider When Facing Child Custody Determinations

  • Substance abuse or behavior that endangers a child are very real problems requiring immediate attention.
  • A personal attack against a child’s parent can do lifelong damage and alienate the child from both parents.
  • Studies favor stability and routine over disruption and uncertainty in parenting plans.

Custody evaluations may be time-consuming, invasive and expensive, but in some cases, they are absolutely essential to aid in determining what is in the child’s best interest.

Learn More At An Initial Consultation

To learn more about how Sammis Family Law can help you establish a child custody arrangement that meets your needs and those of your child, the first step is to meet with Melinda Sammis for an initial consultation, call 415-868-3291 or contact the office online.