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Use Litigation To Stand Up For Your Interests

Nobody wants to go to court, but sometimes litigation is the only way to resolve an otherwise irreconcilable disagreement. The final terms of your divorce settlement can have a long-lasting impact on your personal life, your finances, your relationship with your children and much more. Small differences in a legal document can result in very large differences to your finances and parenting rights over time. That’s why it’s crucial to work with an experienced and aggressive attorney who will help you assert your interests in court and in settlement negotiations.

At Sammis Family Law, we will help you navigate the litigation process from start to finish. First, we will work with you to determine whether litigation is the best option in your case. We also offer mediation services, which is an alternative form of dispute resolution appropriate in some cases. In fact, we recommend mediation whenever appropriate, because it can ultimately save you time and money.

But in some cases, there is no better option than standing up for your rights through litigation. And when that is the case, we will work closely with you to assert your rights in court and reach an agreement that reflects your interests.

Reach A Resolution In A Wide Range Of Disputes

Family law litigation can resolve a wide range of disagreements, including:

Learn More About Litigation At A Consultation

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