Minimizing the emotional and financial stress of divorce and other family law matters.

Mediation: A More Cooperative Alternative to Litigation

Divorce and other family law disputes can be resolved in a variety of ways. In the case of an extremely amicable divorce, it can take little more than some informal negotiation; in the more likely event that a divorce includes irreconcilable disagreements about issues ranging from property division to child custody, the traditional way to reach a resolution is through litigation, which can be both expensive and time-consuming.

In certain situations, there is an alternative form of dispute resolution available, called “mediation.” Mediation can take many forms and is tailored to the needs of each dispute, but the common thread is that the parties work with a neutral third party in order to find mutually acceptable terms. This can save you money and time, as well as much of the stress that often comes with a more hostile approach to family law disputes.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Consulting Attorney

At Sammis Family Law, we can represent you as a reviewing attorney, also known as a consulting attorney. In this case, another lawyer is serving as the neutral mediator, and Ms. Sammis will specifically represent your interests while negotiating with both the mediator and the other party’s attorney. Attorney Sammis will give you legal advice on each issue that arises based on the specific details of your mediation. She can coach you on how to approach the negotiations so you understand the implications of your actions and are ready for possible responses. Attorney Sammis will also review all of the documents and written agreements involved in the process to make sure they are in your best interests.

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